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Acceptable Use Policy

Any activity on our network that is a violation of any state or federal law is a violation of this policy and will result in immediate termination of service.

Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY is strictly prohibited.

Transmitting obscene materials or child pornography Intentionally spreading or threatening to spread computer viruses Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any network, including our private network infrastructure Accessing or attempting to access information not intended for you Transmitting pirated software Conducting or participating in illegal gambling Soliciting for pyramid and other illegal schemes

We do not permit any site that contains: (i) images (including on banner ads) of nude models that appear to be under the age of 18 (in our sole judgment), (ii) sexually explicit images (including on banner ads) of models that appear to be under the age of 18 (in our sole judgment); or (iii) sites containing language promoting child pornography together with any sexually explicit or nude images. As required by federal law in the United States, we will report all offenders of this policy to the appropriate federal agency.

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